English for Companies group and individual classes online

in addition a 24/7 training platform

The effectiveness of your team's training will ensure:

An Oxford course tailored to your needs;

Qualified teachers and quality service;

A training platform, available 24/7, from any device;

Specialized classes needed for specific students, such as English for Emailing or Public Speaking;

Additional formats: Speaking club, team intellectual games;

Free webinars for the whole company on complex grammatical constructions;

Best price on the market for a comparable approach to learning!

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    How does the training go

    • A potential client leaves an application on the site. We agree on the terms of cooperation, provide guest access to the platform and conduct a free trial lesson for a group of up to 4 people

    • We conduct comprehensive testing of your employees' knowledge and skills in English

    • We form groups and lists of students individually, coordinate all the important parameters of the educational process and form a training schedule

    • Provide access to the platform and instructions on how to use, answer questions

    • Hold the first lessons, get to know the teachers and the platform, answer questions, get feedback, make adjustments

    • Let's go...

    Choosing digital textbooks

    Of the several dozen digital textbooks we have, we choose textbooks appropriate to the student's or group's language proficiency level and specific tasks, such as Speakout Pre-Intermediate and English for IT.

    Mastering a grammatical construction

    We go by the textbook and master one construction after another, how the process is built.
    We suggest that on the eve of the lesson you get acquainted with a new construction (text or video) on the platform. This is the essence of the "flipped classroom" methodology, just 5-10 minutes and the lesson will be much easier to learn. The teacher, relying on a digital textbook, conducts a 60-minute online lesson on the topic. Approximately one-third of the lesson is devoted to explaining grammar and examples, and the rest of the time to conversational practice in dialogue and other formats. Then, each student on the platform, practices constructing sentences within the structure being studied.

    Don't forget the vocabulary

    The teacher always reminds you of the lexical training on the platform, to expand vocabulary and phrase stock. The "interval repetition" method is used throughout the course. This is a scientifically sound and practically proven method of repeating words and phrases at specific intervals.

    Be sure to take the tests

    Here, on the platform, there is also a section with tests. After each lesson and home exercise on the platform, you need to check how well you have mastered the grammatical construction and vocabulary in the unit you have passed. The test results are visible to your teacher-tutor and your company coordinator.
    If the results are not impressive, practice again and ask questions to the teacher 🙂 At the end of the course, pass the final test on the level of mastery of the material and get an electronic certificate confirming your new level of knowledge.

    Choosing additional specialized classes and training formats

    Each group or student can receive an additional specialized lesson on mastering "soft skills", for example, the ability to conduct competent correspondence with partners or present a new idea, the ability to conduct a cool interview or the ability to speak in public. The class is supported by materials on the platform.
    Also, a Speaking club and/or team intellectual games can be added to your program, if agreed upon.

    A nice bonus

    Periodically, the founder of the school, conducts free webinars on complex grammatical structures.

    Control over the educational process

    A company representative accesses the platform as a Coordinator and sees attendance, engagement and learning progress for each group and each professional.

    For owners and top management

    You are not "mastering the budget," but you get a team with a good knowledge of English

    Save money while maintaining a highly effective learning experience. Free options - English proficiency testing, 24/7 access to the learning platform, and webinars on the most difficult grammatical structures in English

    We take care of the process of organizing training, trying to distract your employees as little as possible

    For employees

    Going from one level to the next in 4 months! Grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, listening, speaking - all the puzzles that make up the picture of "Knowing English" - are mastered synchronously and dynamically

    Mastering "soft skills" in specialized classes and the opportunity to repeat words and phrases, practice proper sentence construction and much more on the platform 24/7, from any device

    Improve your pronunciation with a native speaker at the Speaking club

    Effective communicative teaching methodology, based on the programs of educational centers, Oxford and Cambridge

    24/7 access, from any device, to the learning platform: vocabulary refills, grammar repetition, 9 types of drills, listening and regular testing

    You always have a choice: individually or in group, Skype or Zoom, with a native speaker or a Russian-speaking teacher, etc.

    Adaptation of the course to the tasks and subject matter of your company, the inclusion in the program topics for mastering the skills necessary for your specialists

    Effective lessons with a native speaker - 60 minutes and 20 minutes, depending on the goal

    Effective organization and control of the training process, a personal tutor and detailed reporting

    What our customers are saying

    Anna Kuvarina, Developer, Sigma

    I've been using the Intelligent academy platform for a long time and I can say that it's a really easy and effective way to learn. First of all, the platform allows you to manage your progress and repeat the vocabulary you've already learned. I always get notifications about homework and see my tasks in the appropriate section on the platform. I also want to add that the platform is based on modern English textbooks. As a result, I practice using modern vocabulary and I can also repeat some grammar topics.

    Victoria, SPD developer

    Speaking of the platform, I like all the vocabulary and grammar exercises, which help me to improve my knowledge and practice the material learned in class.

    It is wonderful that students have the opportunity to practice newly learned words in different exercises in each section with different levels of difficulty.

    As for the learning itself, thanks to my teacher the lessons are easy, interesting, fun and of course instructive. I have learned many new expressions, constructions and idioms that I can use in communication with others. In our lessons we can discuss important news, play interesting games or try to prove our opinion on something. We talk a lot and it helps to improve our speaking skills. So now I feel more confident talking to others than before.

    Irina, office and travel manager, Sigma

    Intelligent Academy courses are suitable for those who really want to learn a language. Classes intensive, interestingly chosen conversational material, very clear and simple grammar The grammar is presented in a very clear and simple way. Olga explains everything perfectly, giving examples, which helps Olga explains very well using examples, which helps me remember and assimilate the language at once. A lot of attention is paid to conversational English, which is exactly what I need in my work. With each passing day leaves fear of talking to foreign representatives, there was more understanding of a native speaker. It became easier to use English-language sites, read texts and write letters correctly.

    Vasily Babchiy, QA, SPD Company

    I really like the approach to our classes. I feel that after each class my speaking skills improve. Each time we discuss interesting topics by talking to each other. We learn grammar very effectively, which helps me to memorize the rules better and apply them immediately in practice. At the lessons we also enrich our vocabulary. And it is not only some words, but also useful and funny idioms, expressions, phrasal verbs, conjunctive words, quotes and others. In addition, to consolidate the studied material we do difficult but very useful homework. In this we are often helped by a platform with clearly chosen and prepared tasks.

    I want to say a special thank you to our teacher. A first-rate specialist and a very nice person.

    Sergey, account manager, ProCredit Bank

    I met with the teacher on recommendation, I needed to urgently improve the level of
    English for work. More and more employers are requiring English proficiency, in
    my case was serious, and many colleagues could not cope with it. Thanks to Olga
    (Intelligent Academy), I did well in multilevel testing, and afterwards my
    The first trip abroad was successful. Now I continue to attend classes, and
    I can tell you that I don't lose interest. I use different sites and programs on
    The English language is a great way to learn English on the phone, but a live lesson is something else entirely. I recommend
    attend the class and see for yourself how much cooler the result will be.

    Roman, Sigma Developer

    Good evening 
    I really liked the lessons in the form of a game from Intelligent Academy. The game always gives excitement and desire for a quick and correct answer. The game also well develops teamwork and communication skills. Since there are intellectual tasks you can learn something new and interesting 🙂

    Glue Maxim.

    Hi all, my name is Maxim. I have been studying English at the Intelligent Academy for about half a year. Within a short time I learned a lot of rules and tenses of the English language. I would like to pay special attention to the method of teaching, which helped me to quickly penetrate and achieve great success. The teacher took the time to help the students and listened to everyone's opinion. Thank you for your work, you are a professional in your field. I recommend it to everyone.

    Sergey. Estel Company

    Head of the branch in Odessa.
    What can I say, Olga (Intelligent Academy) is a competent and qualified trainer! The lessons are really interesting and the information is accessible. Very I like the fact that most of the lesson we are communicating in English and have conversations, and simulate real-life situations!) My knowledge of English became much better! better! I'm satisfied!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Independent individual or group online learning with a teacher, in Skype or Zoom and free 24/7 access to the learning platform, where you can refresh your vocabulary, repeat grammar and use the simulator with several types of training, do homework and take tests. This way you can set your own pace of language learning.
      The groups are common to all specialists and the basic training program too, the specifics are present in the personalized content that your supervisor recommends to you. You get access to the learning platform and refill the vocabulary you need, practice the skills you need, and watch short videos on topics that are important to you. You have the opportunity to ask questions of your mentor online.
      We have intellectual team games in English. It's much cooler 🙂 During the game, you pull out from the depths of your memory such words and turns that you didn't seem to know before. The game is a powerful practice, team building and logic development, 3 in 1 🙂 Lessons with a native speaker are also available.
      First of all, there are always lessons on the skills you need. If you feel that this is not enough for you, the teacher-tutor will offer you additional thematic content on the learning platform and answer your questions.

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