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Our courses

  • groups of up to 4 people, class - 60 min;
  • ⅔ of the lesson is conversational practice;
  • digital textbook, simulator, and tests 24/7, from any device;
  • a certificate at the end of training;
  • individual lessons - 60 minutes;
  • groups of up to four people;
  • hourly payment is available;
  • learning platform: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation - 24/7, from any device;
  • permanent enrollment in courses;
  • individual lessons - a 60-minute lesson;
  • Oxford's recommended digital textbooks;
  • from correspondence to negotiation;
  • 24/7 access to grammar, business vocabulary, drills, and tests from any device;
  • professional, charismatic teachers;
  • individual lessons - a 60-minute lesson;
  • from interviews and correspondence to meetings of various formats;
  • digital textbooks recommended by Oxford and Cambridge;
  • 24/7 access to grammar, vocabulary, drills, and quizzes from any device;
  • professional, charismatic teachers;

Your options

Virtual classroom
lessons in zoom or skype, in a group or individually, as you wish, with professionally trained and positive instructors

24/7 access to the training platform
grammar rule repetition, new words and phrases with pronunciation, 9 types of practice on the simulator, videos for listening comprehension and testing to determine your learning progress

trial lesson and English level testing, access to the learning platform and periodic webinars on the most difficult grammatical structures in English

Innovative and systematic approach to learning
A blended learning system that combines online lessons that focus on speaking skills with a learning platform that every student can use 24/7, from any device

Faculty Advisor
Educating, answering questions, making test-based recommendations, and motivating

Lessons with a native speaker
20-minute, effective, focused on improving speaking skills with correct pronunciation


For 1 lesson - 340 UAH, the duration - 60 minutes, with payment by the hour;
for 1 lesson - 320 UAH; duration - 60 minutes; when paying for 10 lessons;

Additionally, the price includes 24/7 training on our training platform

  • digital grammar textbook with drills
  • learning new words and phrases with pronunciation
  • Video materials for listening comprehension
  • trainer, with several types of training
  • regular testing

Nice options

  • Payment from one lesson
  • 7% discount if you pay for 10 lessons
  • Postponement of classes for valid reasons
  • Balance freeze (vacation)
  • Refunds for remaining classes
  • Reporting

Classes for groups from 3 to 6 people are two times a week for 90 minutes;
Classes for groups of 2 people can take place in any mode convenient for students;

Number of people in the group  The cost of training per person per month, UAH The cost of training per person per hour, UAH
2 1820 140
3-6 1550 115

Additionally, the price includes 24/7 training on our training platform

  • digital grammar textbook with drills
  • learning new words and phrases with pronunciation
  • Video materials for listening comprehension
  • trainer, with several types of training
  • regular testing

Nice options

  • Payment from one month
  • 10% discount if you pay for the course (6 months)
  • Balance freeze (vacation)
  • Refunds, in case of early termination of training
  • Reporting

What our customers are saying

Irina. K, lawyer

I really like the Intelligent Academy courses! 
I really like Intelligent Academy courses.I learn English individually. Education is accessible. Lessons are interesting. There is always something new. You get pleasure from studying here. Olga is a great teacher and a professional.
I highly recommend it

Renat Skitzan, Devops at EISG group

Hi all, I work in the IT industry as a Devops, so I don't have enough time to attend English courses. Individual online classes with Ilona (Intelligent Academy) give me the opportunity to save time, I get high-quality knowledge, and I am very pleased with the modern approach of the teacher and the unique content) I recommend to everyone who wants to start training, as well as to those who want to improve their skills.

Artem Alexuk, developer at Autodoc company.

I study English online with my teacher Tatiana at Intelligent Academy. I like the teacher's clear understanding of how to present the material. It's very cool that the time flies by in class.

Nadezhda Revyakina, project manager in Sigma company

For me it became much more convenient to study online than in person, a lot of advantages, the main thing is to make sure there is internet, get used to it if you have never tried, everything else depends on the student's understanding and how much the instructor can adjust and prepare, the usual process, the same as in-person meetings, the main thing is to structure your schedule correctly. I am very satisfied with the classes at Intelligent Academy, the teacher knows her job, very competent approach, thank her very much.

Product Owner Team Lead, Clickky

For several years I have been studying English with the teachers of the Intelligent Academy language center, including online. I started at the pre-intermediate level, now I am learning advanced. All teachers are competent, use non-standard methods of teaching, which contributes to the better memorization of words and grammar rules. For me, a big plus of online learning - is the ability to conduct the lesson at any place and at any time, as agreed with the teacher. It is possible to study individually or in a small group. In addition, the teacher, assessing the level of knowledge, selects the appropriate type of training, focusing on the weaknesses of the student (eg, I had to tighten the grammar, because I do not like to learn the rules, and my wife needed more language practice). As a result of the training my level of English has increased significantly, now I have business correspondence and skype-call with foreign colleagues, including native English speakers. I definitely recommend these language courses!

Every Intelligent Academy student has access to the training platform online, 24/7, from any device: vocabulary, grammar, practice, testing - FREE!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The results of the test give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses in all the puzzles that make up the English language picture: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, speaking. Based on the comprehensive test and your needs, your tutor will adjust your learning program, including selecting digital textbooks for you on our platform, which you will have access to 24/7.
    First of all, you don't have to choose us 🙂 It's probably more accurate to say you have to make an informed choice. We don't sell lessons! We offer a systematic approach, a combined methodology that includes: lessons with a teacher-curator, 24/7 access to a personal account, on our platform, where you can repeat and refill vocabulary, learn grammar and use the simulator with several types of training, do homework and take regular tests, giving an accurate understanding of what you are succeeding and in what "slow". The only thing we don't do is impose the pace of learning, you yourself determine the speed of learning the language, comfortable for you, by buying the appropriate number of lessons and the time spent on repetition and training at any time and from any device. The approach we profess, there are only a few companies in the former Soviet Union, but they "cost" more. The choice is yours 🙂
    You don't have to, you can pay by the lesson or for several lessons. If you pay for 10 lessons, you get a 11% discount!
    Yes, we issue a certificate from our language center, indicating the level mastered, for example, B1 (Pre - Intermediate) or A2 (Elementary), etc.

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