Intelligent Academy is a team of like-minded professionals with innovative approaches to teaching English to IT companies and professionals, individually and in group format, offline and online, using LCMS platform and virtual classroom, progressive teaching methodologies (access to personalized content, homework in the form of surveys, etc.), as well as game-based learning in the form of intelligent games in English, as an alternative to Speaking.

  • professional development
  • steady income
  • the ability to determine their own level of workload (part-time/full-time)
  • bonuses/benefits
  • provision of all training materials
  • the opportunity to become part of a friendly team, professionals in their field and take
  • direct participation in the development of the company
  • the full support of teachers.
  • English level at least Upper-intermediate
  • at least 2 years of teaching experience
  • punctuality
  • flexibility
  • communication skills
  • Celta, FCE, and other certifications are welcome.