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How we work

The Intelligent Language Center was created in 2012, for people who do not build boundaries and barriers, including language barriers!

Teaching methods
Lessons with the teachers of the center are based on communicative teaching methodology (conversational English, above all!), based on the programs of the Education Centers, Oxford and Cambridge, which contributes to quick memorization and easy absorption of the material.

Not only do we give lessons offline, in a group or individually as you wish, but each student can online 24 /7, from any device, Repeat and refill vocabulary, learn grammar and use the simulator with several types of drills, do homework and take tests, on our learning platform. This allows you to learn the material much faster! 

Using the platform is free for language center students! 

Study mode

The program is for adults over the age of 16.

Classes are held in small groups (2-6 people), at a time that is convenient for you. Most often, people choose the mode of classes 3 times a week for 90 minutes, but there are also groups of students who prefer to study 2 times a week for 135 minutes.

Your start

In English there are only 6 levels, in our school, each level you can master, on average, in 3 months. 

First you will be tested on your language level for free. Then choose a group that suits your level and the schedule of your classes. If you wish, you can attend, free of charge, 1 lesson to assess the microclimate and the level of training of the teacher and on the way, at the end of which, the ability to communicate in English and a certificate of completion of the course, confirming the level of language mastered by you!

Each person can find with us that format and mode of training that suits him. 

Neither your money nor your time will be wasted!

We are waiting for you, come!

Effective communication methodology, based on the programs of educational centers, Oxford and Cambridge

Free access to an online learning platform where every student can replenish vocabulary, learn grammar, practice, and take tests 24/7, from any device

The best prices for a full hour of training in a mini group!

Mini groups: from 2 to 6 people. More attention to everyone!

Fantastic teachers - high level of language skills, teaching ability and human attitude to the students, sincere care for everyone.

Intelligent is conveniently located in the heart of the city, close to the railway station.

Training for adults, in a group of 2 people

Mode - 3 times a week for 90 minutes or 2 times a week for 135 minutes

Duration of the program for mastering one level - 3 months

The cost per person per month - 1820 UAH;

If you come together - the discount is 15% for everyone;

Training for adults, in a group of 3 to 6 people

Mode - 3 times a week for 90 minutes or 2 times a week for 135 minutes

Duration of the program for mastering one level - 3 months

The cost per person per month - 1390 UAH;

If you come together - the discount is 15% for everyone;

Additionally, the price includes 24/7 training on our training platform

  • digital grammar textbook with drills
  • learning new words and phrases with pronunciation
  • Video materials for listening comprehension
  • trainer, with several types of training
  • regular testing

In the beginning you need to take a test. According to the results of the test, you will be offered a group corresponding to your level of knowledge and suitable for you, the training mode.

You can evaluate the quality of teaching and the atmosphere by attending a free lesson! 

Prepayment is made monthly. 

We will be happy to answer your questions, please call!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The entire learning process is based on the communicative method, which implies, above all, conversational practice. Dialogues within the group, answers to the teacher's question, voice translation, etc. Russian is used only in the first 2 levels, then only English, we write a little, but we write...
    We have intellectual team games in English. This is much cooler than Speaking Club. During the game, you pull out of the depths of your memory such words and phrases that it would seem you did not know before. The game is a powerful conversation practice, adrenaline and good mood, plus the development of logic and horizons!
    Payment is made in advance, monthly.
    Yes, we give you a certificate from our language center, indicating the level mastered, for example, B1 (Pre - Intermediate) or A2 (Elementary), etc.

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